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SiteSync IQ System Controller Troubleshooting

Below please find just two situations when you may need to troubleshoot your SiteSync IQ System Controller. Please review the Installation and Operation Manual on the right or contact American Time Technical Support at 866-748-3796 for assistance or more information.

System controller appears off (LCD dark) when power is connected:
  • Disconnect power and remove top cover. Check fuse and replace if necessary.

Wireless analog clocks not synchronized with system controller:
  • Verify the System Controller is transmitting. TX should be displayed on the LCD screen every 30 seconds,unless the System Controller is in Quiet Mode. Reference Appendix J for more details on Quiet Mode.
  • If your system has an external transmitter, check all cable connections (also check the data cable and pins for damage) and verify the PTT and DATA LEDs are lit on the external transmitter when TX is displayed on the System Controller.

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