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Are your school clocks ticking you off?

The one message we heard loud and clear at the ISTE show in Philadelphia is that teachers, vice principals and principals are frustrated with the clocks in their schools. And most folks feel as though they can’t do a thing about it.
Here’s the good news. You CAN do something about it.
Talk to your administration about the importance of punctuality. It’s a life lesson taught in our school system. Synchronized time eliminates excuses for being tardy when every clock displays exactly the same time.
Talk to your business manager about liability concerns if your bells and clocks aren’t synchronized to release students after the buses pull up to the curb.
Talk to your facility maintenance department to let them know synchronized clocks require no maintenance at Daylight Saving Time.
Or call and talk to a clock expert. If you’re frustrated with your clocks but don’t know what to do about it, let us help.

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